The DINAMelt Server - Download OligoArrayAux

Download the OligoArrayAux Software

OligoArrayAux is a subset of the UNAFold package for use with OligoArray.

OligoArrayAux 3.8 compiles on Linux, FreeBSD, IRIX, Solaris, AIX, Windows, MacOSX and probably other operating systems. Links to download the package are below.

If you are running Linux or Windows on an x86 processor, you should probably download the binary distributions (RPM for Linux, EXE for Windows). For other platforms, or if you want to compile the software yourself, download the source distribution in tar/bz2 or tar/gz format.

mfold_util is an optional add-on package with programs to view structures in .ct format and energy dot plots: mfold_util-4.7.tar.gz.

Man pages for the programs in OligoArrayAux (and UNAFold) are available online here.

Important: OligoArrayAux may not be used commercially, and is used at your own risk. Downloading the software implies acceptance of these terms. (Interested in commercial use?)

FormatOperating SystemArchitectureTypeFile
Binary RPMLinuxx86 (32-bit)Binaryoligoarrayaux-3.8-1.i386.rpm (203 KB)
Binary RPMLinuxx86 (64-bit)Binaryoligoarrayaux-3.8-1.x86_64.rpm (226 KB)
Source RPMLinux(Any)Sourceoligoarrayaux-3.8-1.src.rpm (243 KB)
EXEWindowsx86BinaryOligoArrayAux-3.8.exe (470 KB)
tar/bzip2(Any)(Any)Sourceoligoarrayaux-3.8.tar.bz2 (190 KB)
tar/gzip(Any)(Any)Sourceoligoarrayaux-3.8.tar.gz (243 KB)