Obtaining UNAFold

UNAFold 4.0 is now available. Both commercial and non-commercial use require a license from RPI. See https://ipo.rpi.edu/invention/unafold-version-40 for details.

Looking for the OligoArrayAux subpackage to use with OligoArray? It's available here.

UNAFold compiles on Linux, Windows, MacOS and probably other operating systems. However, only Linux and Windows binaries are currently available for downloading.

If you are running Linux, download the RPM file. For Windows, download the MSI file. For other platforms, or if you want to compile the software yourself, use the source distribution in tar/gz format.

Requirements: Perl 5.6.1 or greater is required both to build and to run UNAFold. In addition, there are several other programs/libraries which extend the functionality of UNAFold if detected:

  • glut/OpenGL - for interactive graphics in hybrid-plot
  • GD Library - for static graphics in hybrid-plot-ng
  • gnuplot - for plots in hybrid2.pl

mfold_util is an optional add-on package with programs to view structures (.ct file input) and various dot plots (.plot or .ct file input). Binaries are available for Linux and Mac OS X. (The Windows installer for UNAFold includes the mfold_util binaries as well, so Windows users need only run a Windows version to get a fully-functional installation of UNAFold and mfold_util.)

Man pages for the programs in UNAFold are available online here.

A note for Windows users: UNAFold, like most Unix software, is command-line oriented — there is no GUI. After you run the installer, you will have to open a command prompt and run UNAFold.pl, hybrid2.pl or one of the other programs. You'll want to refer to the online man pages since the documentation installed with the software probably won't be readable under Windows.